At Next Mile Advantage Enterprises, quality is our mantra. We offer consultancy services in a wide range of industries and strive to deliver top-notch solutions to our clients at affordable rates.

Import & Export

Consultation for legal and logistical solutions for exporting and importing products to and from all over the world.

Real Estate Development

Advice in solutions for residential housing businesses, including demarcation of plots and maintenance of communities.

Mining and Extraction

Consultancy services for organizations involved in the mining of ores and extraction of minerals.

Security Equipment

Counsel for the solicitation of buyers and sellers all over the world, including legal facilitation for contracts.

Sustainable Farming

Consultation for the development of farms incorporating modern techniques, including vertical farming and aquaculture.

Amusement/Theme Park Consultation Services

Consultancy for the design and implementation of amusement/theme parks.

Renewable Energy

Consultation in the development of renewable energy power projects. Services in solar and wind energy.

Power Grid Projects

Consultancy services in the construction of conventional power stations operated on fossil fuels.

Green Building Systems

Specialised advice in the development of energy conservation systems for new buildings and retrofitting for existing ones.

Software Consultation Services

Acquisition of new enterprise software as well as training for and maintenance of software solutions.

Logistical Consultation Services

Counsel for the development of sound logistical programs and supply chain systems.